McCormick’s & Schmick’s Raspberry Moon

The McCormick’s and Schmick’s happy hour has always been one of my favorites. Good food from a great restaurant. Jake’s Grill and Jake’s Famous Crawfish were my preferred happy hour joints when I lived in downtown Portland. The beer selection isn’t always that great, but there’s always one or two local rotators that are sure to please. 

Regrettably, what used to be the best deal, the $1.95 cheeseburger, has fallen victim to the floundering economy. The burger is now $5. Still there are lots of great options on the food menu, which vary depending on which location you visit. Today, I’m at the Bridgeport village location, and opted for the Blackened Chicken Quesadilla. 

While I was looking over the beer menu, the Beer Blends section caught my eye. Here there are selections such as the Angry Stout, a blend of Guinness and Angry Orchard Hard Cider, and my choice, the Raspberry Moon, a blend of Blue Moon Belgian White and Reál Raspberry purée. 

Blue Moon is always a reliable choice at any bar. It’s flavorful, clean drinking, and you can have several without getting totally sloshed. In this case though it was refreshing to see the traditional orange slice left off. I love the flavor of the raspberries that the purée provides, but it’s a little on the sweet side for me. Now that raspberries are about to be in season I’ll just make my own purée and find a good beer to pair it with. What do you think a good pairing would be?

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