The 1-Gallon Immersion Chiller

Why an immersion chiller? Cooling in the sink with ice water takes too long. I wanted to build a counter-flow chiller, but then I would need the added expense of a pump. With an immersion chiller I can get a nice cold-break for clearer beers, not to mention save some time. Here’s my build.

Immersion Chiller for 1-Gallon Batches

1/4” x 20’ copper tubing – $18.98
10’ vinyl hose – $3.25
3/4“ x 1/2” brass adapter – $6.06
1/2” x 3/8” quick connect adapter – $3.56
Faucet adapter – $5.95
Hose Clamps x 3 – $2.49

Total – $40.29

I used a tube-bending spring for the 90-degree bends. Construction was fairly straight forward. The biggest issue was adapting 1/4” tubing to the sink faucet. Probably could have done it a bit cheaper, but this works just fine. There are also immersion chillers out there for around this price, but those are sized more towards 5-gallon batches. Besides, I like building things!

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